Mental Health

This information was updated on July 9, 2012.

(706) Area codes are in Georgia, (803) area codes are in South Carolina. Georgia listings run first in this file, with most of South Carolina listings to follow. Miscellaneous helpful resources and support groups are after that (most of these are in Georgia).

This guide has been compiled based on information from various community resources. Changes to service providers or programs may occur after the date of publication. This publication is not meant to endorse or recommend providers or agencies listed within the guide.

To report corrections, updates and additions, please email:

NOTE: The Medical College of Georgia (MCG), changed names to become Georgia Health Sciences University, effective 02-01-2011. The name will change again in 2013 to become Georgia Regents University.


Georgia Crisis and Access Line for Problems with Mental Health & Substance Abuse: 1-800-715-4225,, Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 days a Week

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

For more free hotlines and the 24-hour Georgia Warm Line, click on “Free Telephone Help” on NAMI Augusta’s web site.

COUNSELING (Talk Therapy)

Free counseling for Georgia Regents University Walton Way employees and currently enrolled students: Georgia Regents University Counseling Center, Walton Way Campus, Boykin Wright Hall, 1st Floor 706-737-1471. FAX 706-667-4350. email

Counseling available with fee payments typically based in income

AmericanWork, Inc. 1727 Wrightsboro Rd. Augusta, GA 706-736-8170. Website

Family Counseling Center of the CSRA, 3711 Executive Center Dr., Suite 201, Martinez, GA 706-868-5011. Facebook and email

Center for Care and Counseling, Marvin United Methodist Church,
4400 Wheeler Rd. Martinez, GA 706-305-3137 9am to 5pm

E-mail: Website:

Serenity Behavioral Health System, 3421 Mike Padgett Hwy.,
Augusta, GA 706-432-4800 (Insurance also accepted) M-F 8 am-5 pm

Transitional Family Services, 3643 Walton Way Ext. Bldg. 4,
Augusta, GA 30909 Business: (706) 364-1404 Fax (706-364-1419);
Angela Feeser, Regional Director


Counseling with fees typically self-pay or covered by insurance

Augusta Psychotherapy Associates, 3633 Wheeler Rd. Suite 210 Augusta, GA,

Augusta Center for Psychological Services, 3643 Walton Way Ext, Augusta GA,
Drs. Nettie Albrecht, Anita George, Paul Walters, Edward Orr & Aubrey Moore:
Phone: 706-729-9595 Fax: 706-729-0332 E-mail: M-F 8am-8pm Sat- Appointment Only

Karen Shaw Burch, LMFT, 3150 Perimeter Pkwy Suite 110, Augusta GA 706-210-4843

Psychology and Spirituality Center, 616 4th St., Augusta, GA 706-828-7548:
Dr. Cynthia Butler

Cambridge Counseling Center, 1524 Monte Sano Ave., Augusta, GA:
Dr. Marian Moseley 706-667-6767

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, 3633 Wheeler Rd., Suite 110, Augusta, GA:
Dr. Ruth Nelson-Abbott, Dr. Sid Gates, LMFT, Dr. Greg Swanson 706-855-7784

Dr. Maria Gangarosa-Emerson, 302 Baston Road  Martinez GA:
Phone: 706-447-8700 Fax: 706-447-8701 M-F 10am-7pm

Georgia Family Crisis Solutions, 4145 Columbia Rd, Martinez, GA:
Cheryl Carswell, M.S., LPC 706-869-7373

Gracious Choice Counseling, 119 Davis Rd, #1B, Augusta, GA:
Ms. Buddy Sanders 706-869-0071

Jones Behavioral Health, 114 Pleasant Home Rd.Suite A, Augusta GA Phone: 706-364-3209 Fax: 706-364-3259  Hours: M-F 8am – 5pm

Dr. Christian Lemmon, MCG Department of Psychiatry & Health Behavior,
Eating Disorders Clinic, Stoney Building, 997 St. Sebastian Way,
Augusta, GA 706-721-6597

Donna Lewis, LCSW, 4143 Columbia Rd., Martinez, GA 706-651-1299 Hours: M-F 730am – 6pm

Dr. Jessie Lewis, 3540 Wheeler Rd., #Suite 415 Augusta, GA.  Phone:706-738-7000

Linda Baxter, LPC, 465 N Belair Rd. #2D, Evans, GA.               Phone:706-651-1260

Victor Loftiss, M. Ed., LPC, 3114 Augusta Tech Dr. Suite 102,
Augusta, GA. Phone: 706-830-8459

Magnolia Associates, 3633 Wheeler Road Suite 100A, Augusta, GA 30909 Phone: 706-364-8430
Amy H Green; Carolyn Ramp M. Ed., LPC; Amy Simons, M. Ed., LPC; B. Pris Dearolph

Maguire-Moore Psychological Services, 448 Telfair St., Augusta GA:
Sadie Maguire, M.S., LPC; Sue Moore, M.S., LPC Phone: 706-722-7788

Medical College of Georgia, Psychiatry & Health Behavior,
Stoney Bldg., 997 St. Sebastian Way, Augusta GA Out Patient Phone:706-721-6597 In Patient Phone: 706-721-9331

Mind-Body Health Services, 211 Pleasant Home Rd, G-1 Augusta, GA; Drs. Connie Stapleton and Dara Delancy; Anita Godwin, M.S., LPC; Danny Wright, LCSW; Dawn Jett, LCSW Phone: 706-364-5228

Dr. Laura J. Norton, 820 Carolina Ave., North Augusta, SC 803-441-0188

Katie Nelson LPC, LLC, 465 N. Belair Rd., Suite 2D, Evans, GA 30809, Phone: 706-651-1260 / 706-651-9647

Psychological Specialists of Augusta, 454 Furys Ferry Road., Martinez, GA;

Dr. Edwin Sperr, 912 Holden St., Augusta, GA 706-736-1651

Still Waters Professional Counseling, 2052 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA  30909, 706-955-9224 or (Sliding fee scale)

Summerville Professional Associates, 2301 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta GA 706-733-7029: Drs. Diane Solursh and Jill Hauenstein; Susan K. Robertson, M.S., LMFT

Dr. Daniel Theodore, 1287 Marks Church Rd, Augusta GA 706-481-8181

Transitional Family Services, 3643 Walton Way Ext., Suite 4,
Augusta, GA  Phone: 706-364-1404  Hours: M-F 9am – 5pm

Transitions of Augusta, 103 Rossmore Place, Augusta GA 706-364-7165:
Dr. Kevin Turner

Walton Behavioral MedicineDrs. Jeremy Hertza, 1355 Independence Dr. Augusta GA   Phone: 706-823-5250  Website:

Debbie Walker, LPC, 4210 Columbia Rd, Suite 6C, Martinez, GA Phone:706-504-4063

Anne Watts, M.S., LPC, 3150 Perimeter Pkway #110, Augusta, GA  Phone: 706-210-2767

Dr. John Whitley III, 2828 Hillcreek Dr. Augusta, GA Phone: 706-228-5006

Kemberly Younts, M.S., LPC, 211 Pleasant Home Rd, Suite B-1,
Augusta, GA Phone: 706-854-1600


AmericanWork, Inc., 1727 Wrightsboro Rd., Augusta GA 706-736-8170

Dr. Ben Bernard 2608 Commons Blvd Suite A, Augusta, GA 30909      Phone:706-364-3965  Fax: 706-504-3263

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, 3633 Wheeler Rd., Suite 110,
Augusta, GA 706-855-7784:
Drs. Monique Lentz; Lance Thigpen; Greg Swanson; Ruth Nelson-Abbott

Dr. John Dirksen, 104 SRP Drive Suite B, Evans GA 706-210-8400

Dr. Jill Hauenstein, 2301 Wrightsboro Rd., Augusta, GA 706-733-7029

Dr. Kenneth Jones, 1430 Harper St. Suite C2, Augusta, GA 706-774-0404

MCG, Psychiatry & Health Behavior, Stoney Bldg., 997 St. Sebastian Way,
Augusta, GA 706-721-6597 (Switchboard for outpatient services). For MCG Psychiatry
Inpatient Services (Hospital Admissions)call 706-721-9331

Serenity Behavioral Health System, 3421 Mike Padgett Hwy.,
Augusta, GA 706-432-4800

Dr. Jim Wallace, 4143 Columbia Rd. Suite D Martinez, GA 706-651-1299


Center for Care & Counseling, 4400 Wheeler Rd., Augusta, GA 706-305-3137:
Dr. John Hill, LMFT; Carol Meek, LPC; Frances Rhodes; Joseph Shank, LISW;
Becky Moore, LCSW; Monique Cauble, LPC; Cpris Dearolph, LPC;
Donna Strom, LPC; Christy Hill, LAPC

Channeled Paths, Channeled Paths was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, Channeled Paths seeks to foster social and behavioral change in at-risk youth aged 18 and under through no-cost counseling and mentoring while also providing professional development opportunities for psychotherapy interns preparing for graduation. Contact Georgia Family Crisis Solutions, mention the Channeled Paths Program at (706) 869-7373
4145 Columbia Road  Martinez, GA 30907

Family Counseling Center of the CSRA, 3711 Executive Center Dr.,
Suite 201, Martinez GA Phone:706-868-5011 Email:

Georgia Family Crisis Solutions, 4145 Columbia Rd., Martinez, GA:
Cheryl Carswell, M.S., LPC Phone: 706-869-7373  Fax:706-869-7380  Email:

Lighthouse Care Center, 3100 Perimeter Pkway, Augusta, GA Phone:706-651-0005 Website:

MCG, Psychiatry & Health Behavior, Stoney Bldg. 997 St. Sebastian Way,
Augusta, GA: 706-721-6597 (For Hospital Admissions call 706-721-9331)

Mind-Body Health Services, 211 Pleasant Home Rd, G-1,
Augusta, GA 706-364-5228:
Drs. Dara Delancy and Connie Stapleton; Anita Godwin, M.S., LPC;
Danny Wright, CSW; Benjamin Conforti

Serenity Behavioral Health System, 3421 Mike Padgett Hwy.,
Augusta, GA 706-432-4800

Transitional Family Services, 3643 Walton Way Ext., Bldg 4;
Augusta, GA 706-364-1404;
(Fax: 706-364-1419)
Angela Feeser, Regional Director


Al-Anon Information Center (for families of alcoholics) 706-738-7984

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 113 Camilla Dr, Augusta GA 706-860-8331

AmericanWork, Inc., 1727 Wrightsboro Rd. Augusta, GA 706-736-8170

Bradford Health Services, 105 Rossmore Place, Augusta, GA 706-854-1126

Hope House, Inc., 2205 Highland Ave., Augusta GA 706-737-9879

Mind-Body Health Services, 211 Pleasant Home Rd., G-1 706-364-5228:
Augusta, GA; Drs. Dara Delancy and Connie Stapleton; Anita Godwin M.S. LPC;
Danny Wright, CSW; Benjamin Conforti

Serenity Behavioral Health System, 3421 Mike Padgett Hwy.
Augusta, GA, 706-432-4800

Steppingstones to Recovery, 2610 Commons Blvd, Augusta, GA.
Inpatient Treatment call 706-733-1935.
For The Awakening Center (Outpatient Treatment) call 706-733-1935   To email visit website:

The Insight Program (ages 13-25 yrs. old) 706-869-0230;
401 Warren Rd., Augusta GA


Center for Care & Counseling, 440 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA 706-305-3137

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, 3633 Wheeler Rd., Ste. 110,
Augusta, GA 706-855-7784:
Dr. Sid Gates, LMFT

Paraclete Ministries and Christian Psychology Center, Rick Sholette, M.Div. Th.M.  -Evans GA (813) 528-5971 (Sliding fee scale)

Psychologial Specialists of Augusta, 454 Furys Ferry Road Suite B, GA. Dr. Harold Gardner 706-860-1122

Dr. Wayne Hunsucker, 1285-B Marks Church Rd, Augusta, GA           706-229-4357

Warren Baptist Church Pastoral Counseling, 3203 Washington Rd.,
Augusta, GA 706-860-1586:
Bret Legg, M. Div., M.A. (Extension 251)

Rev. Allison Messick- Watkins, M. Div., M. A. Evans, GA 706-825-8552

West Augusta Counseling Services, 3990 Columbia Rd., Martinez, GA,
Ed Meyers, LPC, LMFT 706-863-5382


Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health Center
1135 Gregg Hwy., Aiken, S.C. 803-641-7700 or 1-800-625-4108

Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health/Hartzog Center
431 West Martintown Rd. North Augusta, S.C. 803-278-0880

Aiken Center for Alcohol & Drug Services
1105 Gregg Hwy., Aiken, S.C. 803-649-1900

Aiken Psychiatric & Psychotherapy Associates
33 Varden Dr., Aiken, S.C. 803-642-3801

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Services
655 Medical Park Dr., Aiken, S.C.
(Inpatient Hospital and Partial Hospitalization Available)803-641-5900 or 1-800-273-7911

Dr. John Bradley, 215 Barnwell Ave., Aiken S.C. Phone:803-649-0089 Fax:803-648-5930

Center for Behavioral Medicine
1310 Pine Log Rd., #A, Aiken. S.C. 803-649-1866

Center for Care & Counseling 110 Chesterfield St. N., Aiken, S.C. 803-641-9979

Hammond-Beyer Health Center, 920 Houndslake Dr., Aiken. S.C. 803-649-1246

Ellen Miller, LMFT, LPC, 203 Laurens St. SW , Aiken, S.C. 803-643-0173

Dr. Laura Norton, 820 Carolina Ave., North Augusta, S.C. 803-441-0188

Bill Trezza, MSW, LISW, 215 Barnwell Ave. NW, Aiken, S.C. 803-642-5480 Email:

Dr. John Whitley, Jr. 1315 W Martintown Rd. North Augusta, S.C. 803-640-6544


National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE Or 1-800-799-7233 To Live Chate visit  M-F 9am-7pm

Battered Women/ Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-334-2836 24/7

Safe Homes of Augusta (Domestic Violence Intervention Center) 706-736-2499 Website:

Child Advocacy Center (Shelter/Advocacy Center for Abused Children)
706-737-4631 Email:


American Red Cross 1322 Ellis St. Augusta GA Phone: 706-724-8481

Augusta Urban Ministries 303 Hare St. Augusta GA Phone: 706-722-8195

Beulah Grove Community Resource Center 1446 Lee Beard Way, Augusta GA Phone: 706-722-4999

Broad Street Ministry 20 Broad St, Augusta GA Phone: 706-722-5999

Catholic Social Services 811 12th St, Augusta GA Phone: 706-722-3661

CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority 1261 Greene St, Augusta GA Phone: 706-722-7877 or 706-722-0493

Friendship Community Center 1720 Central Ave, Augusta GA         Phone: 706-736-4339

Goodwill Industries 231 Furys Ferry Rd, Augusta GA                       Phone: 706-650-5760

Augusta Housing Authority 1435 Walton Way, Augusta GA. Phone:706-722-4072 or 706-312-3112 Website:

Interfaith Hospitality Network 2177 Central Ave Augusta, GA  Phone:706-364-4462

Saint Stephen’s Ministry of Augusta (HIV/AIDS Support) 922 Greene Street Augusta GA. Phone:706-722-7092                                      Website:

Salvation Army 1763 Broad St Phone:706-364-4021, 1384 Greene St Phone: 706-826-7933, 1507 N. Leg Rd Phone: 706-733-3219

The Lydia Project 1369 Interstate Pkwy, Augusta GA Phone:706-736-5467 Website:

United Way of the CSRA 1765 Broad St, Augusta GA.              Phone:706-724-5544 Or Dial 211 Website:

Social Services/Welfare Organizations

Department of Family and Children Services:
Augusta-Richmond County 706-721-3000;
Child Abuse Reporting 706-721-3381;
Columbia County 706-541-1640

North Augusta Department of Social Services 803-202-3500

Educational/Academic Problems

Augusta State University, Counseling Center 706-737-1471

Counseling & Special Education 706-737-1497

(for ASU Students & Employees)

Cambridge Counseling Center, Dr. Marian Moseley 706-667-6767

755 Lancaster Road

Sandra Mashburn, M. Ed. 706-738-8370

Diagnostic Ed testing, tutoring, remediation

Sylvan Learning Center 706-868-1888

229 Furys Ferry Road Suite 119


AIDS & HIV Positive Support 706-722-7092

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 706-860-8331

Address: 113 Camilla Ave. Augusta, GA

Al-Anon (For Family Members of Alcoholics) Augusta/Fort Gordon 706-738-7984

Depression & Bipolar Alliance of Augusta 706-722-0010 OR 706-721-7883

Domestic Violence 706-736-2499

Gamblers Anonymous 1-888-424-3577

Grief Support 706-729-6021
(Trinity Hospital has various support groups)

Trinity Hospice Help with Terminal Illness Care and Spousal loss Support 706-729-6000

Mental Health America 706-736-6857

Trinity Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 706-855-2419

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 706-733-8838

Overeaters Anonymous 706-541-0580

Overcomers Outreach 706-863-2645
(Faith based approach to various 12 step programs)

Address: 3850 Washington Road Augusta, GA

Safe Homes (Domestic Violence Support Groups) 706-736-2499

Survivors of Suicide 706-863-6785
(Grief Support for Friends and Family)


Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities: Use this email address for sending comments, compliments, concerns and complaints about DBHDD programs and services:

You many also contact:

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

Office of Legislative Affairs & Constituent Services,

2 Peachtree Street

22nd Floor

Atlanta, GA. 30303

PHONE: 404-657-5964

FAX: 404-657-1137

June 17, 2011

Governor Deal names Disability Services Ombudsman

Corinna M. Magelund, Governor’s Office of Disability Services Ombudsman

A native of Camilla, Magelund comes with strong state government experience. She served in the governor’s office under the Perdue administration and, most recently, the Department of Community Affairs, where she worked closely with the Governor’s Office of Disability Services. In this role, she will have the responsibility of promoting the safety, well-being and rights of individuals with mental, developmental, substance use and other disabilities. She will serve as an advocate for behavioral health and developmental disability community. Magelund earned her bachelor’s degree in speech communications with an emphasis in organizational communications from Valdosta State University. She is involved with the Chastain Horseback Therapeutic Riding Program and also been appointed a 5th Congressional District representative on the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission.